Cleaning a Hot Tub Filter

How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter

Keeping you hot tub filter clean is an important aspect of owning your own jacuzzi hot tub. Although hot tubs can offer you many benefits and bring years of relaxing hydrotherapy to you and your family, they can only do so if you take good care of your spa, this includes cleaning the filters on a regular basis.

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Why You Need to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

Cleaning you hot tub filter is much easier than you might think. However, although it is simple to clean your filters and we are going to give you some basic tips, you should always read your specific manufacturer’s instructions to learn the exact steps you need to take.

For example, many spas will require that you have the system shut down so that you don’t have any suction from the pump when removing the filter. Additionally, the steps you take to actually remove the filter will often differ as well.

Removing Hot Tub Filters

Wash Your Hot Tub Filter Thoroughly

Once you have your hot tub filter removed the first thing you need to do is wash down thoroughly with your garden hose. The point of doing this is to remove any of the larger debris that the filter has captured such as leaves, sticks, bugs, ect.

You want to make sure and use quite a bit of water pressure from the hose and makes sure to get down in between the pleats of the filter. To make things easier they actually make a hose attachment that is made specifically for cleaning hot tub filters.

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Tip: Make sure you rotate the filter while spraying it down to ensure you get all the debris off.

This is all you need to do in order to due a regular cleaning of your hot tub filter. These regular cleanings should be done once every two weeks or so depending on how often you use your spa and how exposed it is when it comes to leaves and other debris getting in the hot tub. In some cases you will be ok with just doing a good cleaning once a month.

Tip: Having a hot tub cover is a great way to help keep leaves, sticks, bugs and other debris from getting in your spa.

Doing this type of cleaning regularly is very important to keeping your hot tub running smoothly for years to come however you will on occasion need to do a more thorough cleaning.

This can be done by using one of the many different overnight filter cleaning solutions that you can get from your local pool and spa retailer. You won’t always need to use a solution but at times your filters may become clogged with things like suntan lotion and oils from skin cream or other similar products.

Tip: Doing a quick wash off before jumping in your hot tub can remove much of the oils on the skin

This is when these solutions really do the trick. You just soak your filter in the solution for 24 hours in most cases and this will dissolve the dirt and oils that have built up in the pleats of the hot tub filter.

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Replace Your Hot Tub Filter

Even with regular and maintenance you will need to replace your hot tub filters at least once every 18 months. Again this depends on the amount of use it gets, the hot tubs exposure to the outdoor elements and how often you routinely clean your filters.

Additionally, as already mentioned, always be sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines. Keeping your hot tub filters clean is going to help you get years and years of enjoyment out of your jacuzzi hot tub.